Just an ordinary story of mine

About me

alow alow~

let me introduce my self..

my name is Michele Jessica Tiara Dewi.. hmm.. quite long name isnt it?

I was born in Semarang, a little capital city in central java,and of course Indonesia..

it was fun being Semarang people, they’re so nice, a lot of delicious food you cand find at this lovely city.

Now Im just continue my Education in Jakarta (Binus) I take Graphic Design major (DKV) and now almost finish it (I hope I can graduate this year). Im interested in Design major, coz its fun when you can visualized your mind and share it with other people.

Jakarta is A big city and very2 crowded city, but Its also a lovely place to visit. coz you can find anything that you cant find in little city like Semarang.

Well enough for jakarta and back to me ;p

I love reading, drawing,listening to music, singing( i think music is a part of my life XD) ,watch movie, swimming , travelling, wisata kuliner (what we call it in english?), i loved dance but now i cant do this again coz dont know where T__T

hmmm… I don’t know what must i say in here…because I am confused what should I tell you hehe..
You can know me more by exploring this web and read my post.

errr… I also have my portfolio in this blog, you can take a look, give me comment and help me to improve my skils ^^ or if you interested, you can contact me ^^

Btw Im not good in english, I write this blog in english honestly to improve my english T.T
I am not practicing my english almost about 3 years..so I think I must tried to improve it. But of course not all post i will write in english..(skill kurang memadai ha5)

So Sorry if there are mistakes in grammar >.< you can tell me and i’ll try to fix it..

ini saia



  vitacimin wrote @

tes tes , jes ki tak isi comment’mu . hohohoho

  Jessica wrote @

huehueehuehue~ tes diteriima hahaha~

  Riadi wrote @

hahahahaha..akhirnya bikin blog juga….apik2..simple …disetting paging karo artikel diputus ae trus ada continue reading…pas nulis ada di bagian atas yg kayak kotak kebagi 2, nek kabeh dileboke kedawan ngko

  zRooooooo wrote @

pie carane di? ak masi kagok maen2 ma blog huhuhu T___T setting paging tu gmn? nti klo dah selesai sidang.. les private bikin blog ya whahaha~ ;p

  steven wrote @

tint2..numpang lewat yo jes..

  mangkodok wrote @

Layoutnya bagus nih jes =|
tapi linknya kebanyakan, tadinya sempet bingung mau klik yang mana
pengen bikin juga ah satu. bikinin donk =D

  zRooooooo wrote @

lewat aja pen ^^ hehehe.. mari berblog ria hohoho

  zRooooooo wrote @

@ doki..
bikin bikinnn mari kita ramaikan dunia maya inih hehehehehe~
linknya yang mana? yg blogroll itu? atau yg bagian kategories? masi belajar juga nih dok @_@

  Nina wrote @

Jakarta is A big city and very2 crowded city, but Its also a lovely place to visit. coz you can find anything that you cant find in little city like Semarang

hehehe.. like find ur bf rite? =P
A nice blog jess.. nice to visit it ^^
just keep blogging hohoho..

  Vee wrote @

wooooowwwwwww kueren
… mau dong jeesss bikinin atu…

  zRooooooo wrote @

@nina : hohohoho sttt~~ itu bonusnya hahahahaha..

@ Vee : hueheuhueuhe… bbikinin apa vi? gg~
bikin aj gratis kok wahahahhaaha..

  halley wrote @

apaaan neh
gimana cara buatnyaaaa
mau dunk

isenggggg aja

  zRooooooo wrote @

@ halley hohoho.. ini iseng2 aj le hahaa.. tumben bisa ol wohoho =p

  Xander™ wrote @

first comment to this new blog…
waiting for the countervisit…


  zRooooooo wrote @

lex lex lexxx~ counter visit kmn?? alamat blogmu mana?? @_@

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